Synclogic Subscription

Here at Scenic Trends Wholesale, we offer a convenient dropshipping program for retailers. Simply choose the products you want to sell from our inventory, and we'll handle the shipping and fulfillment for you.

Drop Shipping is about mitigating the workload and risk associated with running your boutique. It allows you to purchase products AFTER you have sold them to your retail customer and we will ship the products directly to your customer for you.  This reduces your risk by eliminating left over or dead inventory and saves you a significant amount of time and money.

You will receive an invoice from shopify with customers items and shipping charges immediately after your customer purchases the product. 

You can opt to dropship both in stock and preorder items.

Our code to link up for our graphic tees only is P17T41KO

Our code to our entire inventory is 7048KTZ0


If you need further assistance in linking up with us check out this guide!

Click here for our Synclogic Guide